Girl Doesn’t Know What To Do About Lime Crime

Lime Crime recently released new Velvetines and they’re lovely and I want them. I want them like I’ve never before wanted a 20 dollar liquid lipstick because 20 dollars seems like 15 too many dollars for a product I’m just going to lick off my lips. I’ve been eyeing the Venus: the Grunge Palette for months, and I haven’t quite been able to convince myself to place the order because of the data breach earlier this year (but may have been going on since late 2014) and Doe Deere’s very poor response. As well I’ve heard internet whispers that the company has done shady dealings, claiming to be vegan but using animal biproducts in their cosmetics, treating their customers rudely, and otherwise acting like a spoiled bunch of kids without concerns for grownup consequences.

I don’t know how much of this is accurate. I have had exactly zero dealings with Do Deere the person, or the personality, or her company. All I know is she has a product on which I’m (foolishly) willing to spend my money, but the whispers of her shit-behavior, and the shit-behavior of her company are enough to make me pause. Especially because the Velvetines and Venus: the Grunge Palette are pricey(er) than my comfortable price point.


So this is the dilemma: Do I spend too much money on a few (unique and sassy and fun) beauty products I don’t need but desire, because I like makeup and I like long lasting matte lip products, and I like eyeshadow palettes with colors I don’t already have in multitudes. Or do I squash down on that excited (and nervous!) feeling of anticipation when faced with a new product with which to play because (several) someone else(s) had a bad experience with Doe and her business practices? Can I rationalize that an indie company with a VERY young head should be allowed to be shakey on their legs, and make mistakes, and that by buying her products I’m not buying her shit-attitude?

What do you think, Internet?



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