Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer $5.99 at Ulta.


The short of it: Nothing to write home about, but decent enough for the price point.


The long of it: This primer is really thick. Like, REALLY thick. It feels tacky and doesn’t smooth over the skin in any way the could be considered luxurious. It reminds me of paste, white and scentless, but it doesn’t feel heavy or drying on my skin. It only keeps my very oily face matte for about five hours under foundation.


I could be looking for reasons to critique this primer, but it seems to make my liquid foundations look powdery. It also seems to (occasionally?) make my foundation bunch up around my nose and breakdown quicker than usual. I write “(occasionally?)” because despite applying the same products with the same tools, this primer didn’t seem to wear consistently. Some days it just seemed to wear better than others. I don’t know why.

And though the tube claims use for over and under makeup, this is NOT something I would cake on top of my foundation. It is way too thick and way too tacky to do anything pleasant to the finish of a tinted product.

But it preforms better on bare skin, moderately blurring out the tone and texture of my post-acne complexion. I think if you’re a serious oil-slick like me, this primer might be worth testing as it is under 6 dollars and nearly every place you can find it has a reasonable return policy. But if you’re looking for a primer to do some long-wear, heavy-duty mattifing, this product isn’t likely to wow you.


Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Product purchased by Girl.


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