Girl Doesn’t Do Any Ol’ Eye Shadow Palette

I’m discerning when it comes to, well, everything. I’m picky. I know what I like. And when it is time to spend my money on anything (but really, we’re talking cosmetics/skincare), I only want to invest in products that can hold up to my expectations. I’m not a try-it-and-see-if-I-like-it type. I’m a research-the-fuck-out-of-it-and-if-after-weeks-I-still-think-I-neeeeeed-it-then-maybe-I’ll-bite-the-bullet-and-buy-it type.

That’s how I got into blogging, I guess. I saw how useful the beauty blogging/vlogging world could be when it came to making well-informed choices and finding quality products worth their price tag.

For palettes in particular, I have…not so much rules as general guidelines. Packaging matters to me. Not just aesthetically, though that has serious value, but ergonomically as well. I want the design of my palette to inspire just as much as I want it to be comfortable and easy to use. For me that means shadows organized in a way that appeals to my personal taste (which is hard to nail down…) and isn’t overwhelming. Too many shadows can be just as bad as too few, I think. If I open a palette and have too many options (think any E.L.F palette over 12 shadows…) I set it down and reach for something else.

As well I don’t like bulky or gigantic palettes (think Too Faced), or palettes made of nonsensical material (velvet?!) or palettes that include extra space for that double ended brush that never gets any use. Why should I pay for that junk? I don’t need it, I don’t want it, and I have other options.

It helps to have these “guidelines” because it means I’m not spending as much as I would be otherwise. It narrows down my available avenues, keeping me and my budget in check. As well, it keeps my “collection” small. I want to do more with less and being picky helps me achieve that goal without feeling like I’m missing out on something.


These are palettes I’ve been eyeing lately and they adhere to the guidelines I’ve come to follow. 1. Kat Von D Monarch Eyeshadow Palette $46 at Sephora

I like the look of this palette, the packaging is eye-catching and user-friendly and the autumn colors are my particular kind of jam. I think if I ever invest, I would get a lot of use out of this. Plus, the names of these shadows! Entomology (matte cream), Telepathy (pearl gold), Tiny Death (glitter cream), Wrath (deep pearl orange), Papilio (pearl chocolate), Summerfly (glitter gold), Killing Jar (pearl copper), Delaney (pearl silver), Vanish (matte taupe), Disintegration (pearl brown), Shadow Box (matte chocolate), Deadhead (matte black).

2. Stila Eyes are the Window Shadow Palette in Mind $49 at Sephora

This palette is all matte, which I dig. It looks similar to the Monarch palette in terms of shade range, but I can’t help liking those warm toned browns and oranges with the contrast of cool toned grays and taupes. The packaging is sleek and would likely hold up better than the cardboard of Kat’s palette but I don’t know if I would ever take the plunge and pay fifty monies for it. I like it, I want it, but something keeps me from thinking I would get enough use out of it for the cost. It could be the way the colors are placed that doesn’t completely inspire me to want to smear them on my face, no matter how thoroughly I enjoy them individually.

3. Viseart Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral Matte $80 at Sephora

Oh look, another neutral matte browns palette with a pleasant pop of orange. There is no way I would spend 80 dollars on an eyeshadow palette but that doesn’t mean I won’t window shop this little guy. Similar again in color range, and I should think you don’t need both the Stila palette AND this one but a girl can day dream. Viseart claims to create makeup formulas that harness the best of natural and organic resources with modern technology (yay good for you ingredients) and they are an artisan brand from Paris (ooooh, French cosmetics). There is something appealing to me about all of that, which adds an allure to this palette that the other (less “artisanal” la de da) palettes lack. Extra points for marketing?

More soon,



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