Girl Doesn’t Have Time To Contour

I am not a morning person. And by extension I can be a lazy person when it comes to getting up and out the door for work. I will hit the snooze button until staying in bed for one. more. minute. will make me late which forces me to preform only those tasks most essential to my comfort.

time 1

I have oily skin, so I shower every morning, and sometimes in the evening. If I don’t start my day freshly scrubbed and rinsed, I feel grimy and unhappy and my attitude is a direct reflection of that.

The basics follow quickly, clean teeth, combed hair, clean clothes, deodorant, and so forth and then if I have used my time wisely there are a few minutes for a very minimal makeup routine. If I can accomplish nothing else, I have to put on foundation to feel my best.

This is a habit I’ve only picked up in the last couple of years, starting with the BB cream craze, finding them ultimately too greasy for lasting wear on my already oily skin, and then progressing to CC creams and mattifying foundations. I didn’t start using tinted products for my face until I’d healed the majority of my acne marks. I didn’t want to put anything on my skin to make things worse, and I didn’t want to accentuate any drying pimples or scabs and, as a novice, I didn’t know enough about the different types of foundations and application methods to make an informed attempt at using a tinted product to my benefit.

And my acne was so aggressive I couldn’t imagine smearing a flesh-toned cream across my pitted scars and active blemishes was going to trick myself or anyone else into thinking I had a healthy complexion.

Now, in my mid twenties, I’ve found that I like the look of an even, pale complexion and while a true flat matte look makes me feel fake, a demi-matte (and by end of day, dewy) face suits me best.

Next, in order of importance, I apply eyeshadow and mascara. Anything I put on my lips happens in the car during my hour commute, as does the espresso and breakfast sandwich I stuff in my facehole almost every morning. I rarely ever have the time or interest for blush or highlighter, I don’t think I’ve ever used a bronzer, and not once has a contouring product come in contact with the hollows of my cheeks or the bridge of my nose.

This could be, in part, due to the fact that I’ve never sat in front of a mirror and thought to myself, “My face is too round. My nose is too long. My eyes are too far apart or too close together or too big or too small or too something to make me unhappy enough to sacrifice the fifteen minutes of sleep I could be enjoying in the morning instead of drawing shadows on my skin to trick other people into thinking I am ideally symmetrical and thus worthy of their attention and admiration.” Or it could be because I’ve never considered Kim Kardashian a style icon or a woman to emulate. Or it could be because I am still shaky on my young makeup legs and I only apply products I’m comfortable using, for results I comfortable wearing all day.

I have physical flaws, of course, aspects of my outer appearance that I’d change if I had the  power or the money or the motivation. I am my most outspoken critic, and certainly my cruelest, and I have days, just like everyone else, when the way I FEEL I look isn’t the way I WANT to FEEL I look. And I have days, just like everyone else, when I FEEL I look bomb. But beauty is subjective and comfort is personal and ultimately, the physical representation of who I am isn’t the most impressive or most interesting or most valuable thing about me.

And as I go about my day to day life, I think those extra few minutes of rest are better for my health and wellbeing than whatever small boost of confidence I might receive from a well contoured cheekbone. And because I prefer to wear less makeup, rather than more, I think the feeling of a less heavy, less caky face makes me feel more myself.

More soon,



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