Review: Stila Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfecter

Still Perfectly Poreless Putty Perfecter $39.00 at Ulta. stila1 The short of it: Get thee to a Stila retailer and try this right. now. stila2 The claims: This first-to-market, skin-perfecting, natural matte foundation has an innovative bouncy, putty texture which allows perfect pickup and buildable, undetectable coverage that looks like skin, not makeup. It goes on like a cream and blends seamlessly with a powder-soft mattified finish that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation. Complexion instantly looks smoother, and imperfections and uneven skin tone virtually disappear, for a poreless, perfected skin appearance. Oil free. stila3 The long of it: I was instantly thrilled with this product. I couldn’t decide between the fair and light shades when I was in Ulta and after swatching this weird gunk on my hands and wrists and arms a lady in black came armed with swabs to help me out. She said “Go with the fair.” and I didn’t listen. Both of them blended well into my jaw line but the fair shade was just a little but too pale for my comfort zone. I walked out with light and took pictures before sticking my finger into this play-dough-esque-not-quite-a-cream-not-quite-a-powder moldable hybrid of a primer or foundation or setting [balm? powder? I don’t know.] mystery magic product of joy. Stila claims you can wear this under or over foundation, or as your foundation, and after wearing it a few different ways (though never “over” anything other than primer) I like to wear it best on its own.

stila4Using the sponge that comes in the compact (protected from the actual product by that clear cap) I just swipe in the product a few times, swipe across my face, and blend outwards towards my temples and neck. The first swipe shows all the divots where my pores are enlarged which was alarming the first time I played with it, but the second swipe is like magic…my complexion tone and texture is smoothed and my redness is concealed and it looks and feels like I’m wearing NOTHING. For the first few hours of wear this wizard-putty is invisible on my skin. It keeps me matte for about four hours before it starts to look a little dewy (though nothing alarming) and it starts to break down around hour six or seven and by “breakdown” I mean it starts to look a little powdery upon close inspection.

I am all about lazy girl makeup and this is in every way a wonder product for those of us who can’t or won’t take the time to maticulously layer on products in the morning. There is nothing else like it (that I’ve been able to find) and while $39.00 isn’t outrageous for a higher end foundation (or primer? or setting…something?) it is still a pricey product for someone accustom to drugstore prices, especially because you only get right under .4 oz of product. But a little goes a long way and I think this putty is worth every penny. The only real downfall is the shit shade range. I would comfortably fit between the fair and light shades and while I’m more than willing to work with what is available, I think that for such a great product, Stila should make it fit more skin tones.

Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Product purchased by Girl.


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