Review: NYX Color Mascara

NYX Color Mascara $6.99 at Ulta.


The short of it: These are intensely pigmented and a surprising (but not overwhelming) addition to any eye look.


The long of it: Mascara is one of my favorite products (though, in all honesty, I have a lot of “favorite” makeup products) and this true-to-color opaque formula coats (and I mean ccooaatteess) my lashes with a bright pop of color that adds an interesting and fun touch to my eye makeup.


I use these on my bottom lashes mostly, because I like big dark upper lashes, but sometimes I add one of the colors just to the very tips of my upper lashes after a black mascara.


These aren’t a replacement for your favorite lengthening or volumizing mascaras, but if you’re looking for something bright to add to your everyday routine, I think these are great.


I couldn’t leave these four colors (in order: Mint Julep, Forget Me Not, Reef, Pear) alone and the great thing about buying NYX at Ulta is the whole cosmetics line goes on sale for 40% off about three times a year, and more often goes Buy One Get One for 50% off so if you’re patient (which can be hard when it comes to getting my hands on new products to play with) you can get these (and everything else) for extra affordable prices. Even though NYX is already a low cost brand, its hard to pay $5.99 for a Soft Matte Lip Cream when I know I can get it for $2.39 if I just restrain myself for a few months.


Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Product purchased by Girl.


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