Review: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighters $6.00 at Ulta.


The short of it: These are pretty, soft, and not too glittery.


The long of it: I love highlighters. In the store. On display. Swatched on the inside of my wrist. I cannot count how many times I have gone out of my way to touch the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors in Sephora. So good. But as someone still recovering from the ravages of acne, and as someone with uncontrollably oil skin, I cannot find a way to justify spending 38 monies on a product I’ll really only use regularly under my brows…

Highlighter is hard to work with on skin with pits and bumps from old acne and healing scars because all that luminosity only draws attention to the uneven texture. And adding what is essentially microglitter to skin that will, without fail (no matter what mattifying primer I shellac on in the morning) get slick before lunch is only inviting disaster. Strobing is not for me.

But makeup is one of my hobbies, and collecting beautiful products I don’t use as often as I should is one of my weaknesses, and while I will, no doubt, one day buckle to my own foolish desires and buy the whole lot of Becca highlighters, I have, in the meantime, been hunting for a set of drugstore highlighting powders with which to play.


Enter Makeup Revolution, an affordable European brand newly carried by Ulta. There are three shades: Golden Lights which is yellow gold and wet-looking, Radiant Lights which is listed as “lilac” but looks way more like a subtle peach to me and it the most “wearable” of the three for me, and Peach Lights, which is an icy pink. At $6.00 a pop, these are more reasonably priced and while they are no where near as creamy as the Becca highlighters, these are still silky and pretty and worth the cost. You can get all three of these for way less than one Becca highlighter. They have decent lasting power, aren’t burdened with chunks of glitter, and have really good pigmentation. They have a little fall out in the pan, but don’t dust all over your face when you’re attempting precise application.

Because Makeup Revolution is a drugstore brand, you can use Ulta coupons on these as well. And you should know by now Girl got her discount.

Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.


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