Review: J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint

J. Cat Wonder Lip Paint $4.99 at


The short of it: These are fun, pigmented, lightweight lip stains named after Alice In Wonderland.


The long of it: I ordered these online after receiving the vampy wine one on the left (Red Potion) in an Ipsy bag. I liked it enough to use the coupon and order three more, but what I thought I was purchasing online did not match my expectations when they arrived. The colors on the site are not true to reality and because there isn’t a color description provided, the whole ordeal was less than stellar.

The nude one on top (Curiouser), for instance, looked like a dusty pink on the site but is full on concealer beige in real life. Not a flattering look on me. The bright red on the bottom (2nd Impossible Thing) looked much more coral on the site, as did the dusty rose one on the right (Blabberwocky). It is hard enough trying to order makeup online without the benefit of swatches, and the color misrepresentation on the site is a definite turn off.

All of that aside, they have since updated their website and added a ton of colors and I like the formula enough to consider trying again. The very liquid-ey consistency is a little drying, but nothing like a liquid lipstick, and the lasting power is decent. They are opaque and minty and easy enough to wear. Maybe most importantly though, these fade very gracefully.


I’ll admit the immediate draw was the named allusions to Alice In Wonderland. The Lit Nerd in me was gleeful. But I really do like the colors Blabberwocky and Red Potion and I think that if you are feeling brave, these are unique enough, and pretty enough, and inexpensive enough to be worth trying.

Keep in mind that these come in a tube and need to be applied with a lip brush or your finger, and that the formula separates in the tube if you leave them untouched for a few days  so you should massage and shake the tube really well before you squeeze out any product.

Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.


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