Girl Doesn’t Need an Excuse to Buy Makeup…

…but she’ll find one anyway. This past weekend I was in a car accident that shook me up enough to justify treating myself to something I wanted but definitely didn’t need. I really dig those mini-lip products that come out around the holidays; sets that let you try a bunch of different colors for much less than it would cost to buy one or two of the full sized products. Enter Tarte Dressed to the Nines LipSurgence Lip Creme Gift Set $34.00 at Ulta.


I now have all three of these Tarte mini LipSurgence holiday sets…the Kiss and Belle set from last year and the Pure Delights set from the year before that and now, of course, this year’s offering: Dressed to the Nines. So far the Kiss and Belle set is my favorite. It came with two mini lip glosses and six lip crayons and I hammed on those glosses so hard that I used them up within a few months. AND that set included both matte and high sheen finishes. The variety made it for me.


Now, because the colors offered each year are not drastically different enough to justify collecting all three sets (and any future sets to come) I do not recommend that a sane and healthy person horde them all, the way I have. BUT the idea of having an incomplete collection of these little guys, coupled with my true enjoyment of the formula (I have not found a lip crayon-stain-hybrid I like better) and their tiny adorable size, I crossed this set off my wishlist right as soon as I gave myself a reason.


Tarte offers these crayons in a creme, tint, and matte tint formulas and for the past two years the holiday set has included the tint and matte tint versions. This year they are all creme…a creamier more pigmented version of the same minty, staining lip crayon I know and love.


Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.


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