Review: L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Gloss $9.99 at Ulta.




The long of it: If you’ve spent any time here at GirlDoesn’t, then you might be familiar with how consistently I bargain shop…I wait for coupons and sales and steadfastly refuse to pay full price for something I know I can get much cheaper if I can only be patient.

These beauties changed that game for me. I couldn’t wait. At $10 a pop these are half the price of most mid-range to high-end liquid lipsticks, so they aren’t, by comparison with the popular Stila and Kat Von D and Ofra and Lime Crime liquid lipsticks, break-the-bank expensive, and if you were to walk out of a drugstore with one new lipstick in your purse, then $10 bucks is totally reasonable.

But Girl isn’t totally reasonable. And I can’t walk away with just one new lipstick in my purse.

L’Oreal often goes on sale BOGO 50% off and about three times a year goes 40% off at Ulta so I KNOW I can get these for between 6 or 7.5 dollars if I’m patient–which is much much less than what they’re worth. And when you seem to buy lippies in bulk like I do…well 6 dollars x 10 hurts a lot less than 10 dollars x 10. And I love makeup but even with the excuse “I can write about these on my blog!” I can’t rationalize spending $100 dollars on lipstick in one go.


So, I made away with four…three nudes and a bright red. These have a whipped creamy texture, a slightly fruity smell, go on like a gloss (with plenty of time to play before they set), are wonderfully opaque and not at all even a little bit streaky, and go matte but never quite dry so even hours later you can rub your lips together and feel the creamy gloss (instead of the dry flakes of a traditional matte liquid lipstick), AND they leave behind a soft lovely stain which means they fade gracefully (important if you forget you’re wearing these and that you might want to touch up, because they are that damn comfortable). They aren’t kiss-proof but then I didn’t pay forty bucks for these to waste them on Boyfriend’s mouth.


If the stunning formula isn’t enough to convince you, this applicator should do it. I haven’t used a wand as perfect as the one you see above. The little well in the middle holds the right amount of product to get your pout in one go (so no double dipping required) and it’s the exact right shape to get full, sweeping color or tuck into the corners of your mouth and cupid’s bow.

Seriously, get your hands on a couple of these. Or all of them.

Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.


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