Makeup Haul: Wet-n-Wild

Just in case all the makeup I received over the month of December (and the holiday deals of which I took advantage) weren’t enough to satisfy my makeup cravings, I walked in to a drugstore as a way to pass time waiting for takeout (Boyfriend is hungry for actual food like I am hungry for new lippies) only to find several new displays of Wet-n-Wild products.


This is a brand I’ve always passed over, in part because celebrities plastering their names on products is not appealing to me, and in part because the prices have always been “too good to be true for good products” in my opinion. How wrong I was.


I went monochrome and passed on colored products in favor of face. I was so blown away by the primer, which I liked after initial application and LOVED after it kept my very very VERY oily face matte for the better part of the day–something no other primer I’ve used (high end or drug store) has been able to do.


In fact, I loved everything I played with so much…I went out the next day and immediately bought a liquid and powder foundation from the same COVERALL collection. Which impressed me just as thoroughly as the primer.


Let me know if you’d like in-depth reviews on any of these products. Most of them have been around for a while, but the mascara / fiber set and the setting spray are brand new.

Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.


3 thoughts on “Makeup Haul: Wet-n-Wild

  1. Would like to see a review on the foundation and primer. I always gravitate towards their shadows and highlighters, but I’ve never tried their primers/foundations.


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