Girl Doesn’t: No Buy

Beginning today, until the end of the month, Girl isn’t going to buy new makeup or skincare. The only exception being a product I use on a daily basis that runs out (I’m getting low on my face lotion, so a bit of rule bending has to be allowed for everyday staples) but replacement products are the only leeway I’ve given myself.

February is my birthday month, and the month of my one year anniversary with Boyfriend, and the shortest month of the year and so it should be the easiest month to force myself not to pick up a new nail polish I don’t really need or a new face mask I can do without. The possibility of makeup gifts, coupled with a bathroom full of products–good products I love and beautiful products about which I still get excited–means there is no excuse for me not to take four weeks to shop my own stash.


Buying new makeup and skincare is one of the superficial pleasures to which I look forward come payday, and I spend the weeks before researching swatches and reading reviews and generally lusting after beautiful new things but I think I’ve come to rely too heavily on it to make me happy.

A month to reset my priorities and reconnect with my other passions (I’m talking to you, Poetry!) seems like a healthy way to spend this month, which will also be filled with celebrating my life and my relationships and the people I love and whom love me.


Makeup will still be around come March.


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