Saturday Spotlight: Molly Cosmetics

With a very special and heartfelt thank you to Molly Cosmetics for taking the time to answer a few questions about makeup and beauty and what it takes to start a cosmetics company, please find to follow a short and sweet interview with one of the two founders of Molly Cosmetics–a new makeup company founded by two best friends and based in Hong Kong.


They have stunning matte liquid lipsticks and glittery pigments galore, as well as makeup tools like brushes and a blending sponge, all for very affordable prices. If you’d like to learn a little more about how they got started, and where they want to head next, Girl posed a few questions over email and despite how busy they are, and how quickly they’re growing, Molly Cosmetics took the time to answer with enthusiasm.

GD: On your website About page, you mention that Molly Cosmetics was born over lunch and a mutual love of matte liquid lipsticks. How did Molly Cosmetics get its name?
MC: We both agreed that we wanted it to be a girl’s name that was easy to remember, and also sweet. We chose a couple and decided taking ‘Molly’ – not only does Molly sound sweet and friendly, if you think from the point of view of design, ‘M’ looks great in many different fonts, so it really is perfect.
GD: Starting a business from the ground up must be very difficult and time consuming; what does it take to build a cosmetics company from scratch? How has Molly Cosmetics benefited from being founded by two best friends?

MC: All it takes is focus, patience and determination, like any other projects you take on in life. You do research, what your target market needs, what would appeal to them… It is not as difficult as you have imagined, almost anyone can do it with the wish and will to do it! All you need is that passion.

Most people say, don’t start a business with your best friend because sometimes that can hurt your friendship. It could be true, but in our case it didn’t seem like there was any problem. We decided to start the company together because we know each other well, we have total trust in each other, we have very similar likes and dislikes, our values in things are almost identical, and because of all that, we make decisions fast, and even when one is not available, one’s decision is always what the other would have chosen. That was one of the main reasons why we grew faster than expected.
GD: What do you think makes a person beautiful? How does makeup fit in to that ideal?

Everyone is beautiful in their own way! But what is really important is personality!

Makeup enhances one’s features, but like our idol Kevyn Aucoin said, “Let people see your face, not your makeup.” So moderation is the best, define your eyebrows, a little blush, some eyeliner, and lipstick, basically a little lift in your complexion, bringing out the best features in you, and that’s all you need!
GD: How would you like to see Molly Cosmetics grow? Any products you can’t wait to try producing?

MC: We don’t really want it to grow as fast as a rocket. Although we would love to carry many different products, yet like makeup on your face, ‘foundation’ is the most important. We have set goals for ourselves, and we want to steadily achieve one after another. One thing that is certain is that we want to develop into a brand that is perceived as very affordable, fun…versatile products that are suitable for both the general public and professional makeup artists!

We are launching eyelashes and more lip colours in the near future. And one day we would really love to be able to produce eyeliner, eyeshadows and a serious awesome lip care line!

GD: What has been your favorite part about founding a beauty brand, and sending your products out into the world?

When we saw people posting pictures of themselves using our products, and they told us how they loved them and how they have talked about them all day long to their friends and family, it made us realize we did something right, and of course it felt extra good because makeup is our passion, and the coolest part is that Molly Cosmetics had linked us to thousands of ‘strangers’, now our–not fans but–friends, who shared the same love and passion, which we wouldn’t have had connected with in any other way.

More soon,



Makeup Haul: City Color Cosmetics

Aaaaand more makeup I bought and probably shouldn’t have. Especially because I had been researching “mousse” eyeshadow (which for some reason appeals to me more than cream eyeshadow) and stumbled across the City Color Cosmetics Metallic Shadow Pots which was, when I purchased the bundle, 15 dollars for the 6-color-galaxy-themed-product described as a “mousse shadow” and LITERALLY THE NEXT DAY the set was an Ipsy Deal for 10 bucks shipped. Well, to make this unnecessary story even longer, I bought another bundle of eyeshadows called “Single Shadows” in a set of 8, also for 15 dollars, because it made sense in my mind to get over the 25 dollar free shipping threshold and pay 30 dollars for 14 shadows, rather than paying 20 dollars for 6 shadows and shipping. Girl logic. So essentially I spent 20 dollars on convenience which could have been avoided if I’d waited a single day.

If you are interested, the mousse shadow bundle is currently 12 dollars on the City Color website. The Single Shadows are no longer offered as a bundle and they are now called City Chic Eye Shadow. It also looks like they are in a new package that has a flip up lid rather than a screw off lid like the ones I bought.


I’m not typically a fan of single shadows. I prefer eyeshadow palettes because of their convenience in both space saving and color presentation. I wear makeup every day, and on week days when I am rushing to get ready for work, juggling a bunch of single shadows in my tiny bathroom is not ideal. But I wanted free shipping and these were on serious sale (they end up being $1.87 for 0.113 oz of product) and I thought, why not? I liked (some of) the shadow names–that Green/Gold/Black shifty one near the bottom is called “Aztec Warrior”–and the colors, which are a bit richer looking in real life (the photos make them look brighter than reality) and are just different enough from everything else I already own to make it okay in my mind…which we’ve already established functions on less-than-reasonable when it comes to makeup.

But these are nice, and I’ll definitely get use out of them.


And these! The whole reason for my order in the first place! They have spacey names and are (again) unlike anything else I own. And they were inexpensive. And I wanted them.


The formula is very thick and very “whipped creamy” though I don’t know if I would go so far as to call them “moussey” because of how thick they are. More like melty jello? Or, like, icecream that isn’t melting? Food analogies!


These guys are very very very long lasting. They dry fairly quickly and when they do, they aren’t budging. And they stain. I think ultimately these colors are too bright for me to wear regularly as an eyeshadow, but I’m thinking I might try to wear them as liner. Any ideas?

More soon,


Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.


What Does it Mean When We Call Women Girls

Makeup (for me, if not for many) is intrinsic to identity. The shade of my eyeshadow or hue of my lipstick can help project the type of person I want to be on a certain day, which will most definitely be different on the morrow. Sometimes I don’t feel like the person I want to be, and makeup helps me pretend. Sometimes I’m not sure who I want to be, and putting on makeup is a small way for me to feel more in control. And of course, it is fun and silly and superficial and it usually smells nice and glitters a bit and overall remains a bright spot in my day. And maybe most importantly, it is never permanent.

Which is to say, Girl Doesn’t is, perhaps, another girl-titled trend but it also (for me, if not for many) a state of discovery, possibility, and the impermanence of self.



MAKEUP HAUL: WET-N-WILD Limited Edition 2016 Summer Collection

So in my absence from Girl Doesn’t, and on the tail end of my self imposed no-buy, I went a bit makeup crazy. I bought so many tinctures and potions I didn’t need that I’m almost embarrassed, and I can still feel the slow painful wail of my bank account shriveling up in sadness AND YET I DID IT ANYWAY AND DAMN IF I’M NOT STILL GOING.

Get ready for my return to blogging to be one unnecessary haul after another.

I have no excuses. Except. Egads is this sparkly shit beautiful.



These highlighters are so creamy and lovely and perfect.




The Metallic Liquid Lipsticks I found to be a little less impressive. They swatch beautifully and I dare you to look at that stunning metallic sheen and think “Nah, I probably don’t need that in my life,” with any sincereity but they aren’t a forgiving product. It pools in any lines on your lips, clings to every dry patch, and doesn’t evenly coat your pucker in color or metallic goodness. It can be a patchy mess, but it can also be really pretty. Which is to say, I do not regret getting my paws on these, but I’m still trying to figure out how to make them work.

More soon,


Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.



Girl Doesn’t: No Buy

Beginning today, until the end of the month, Girl isn’t going to buy new makeup or skincare. The only exception being a product I use on a daily basis that runs out (I’m getting low on my face lotion, so a bit of rule bending has to be allowed for everyday staples) but replacement products are the only leeway I’ve given myself.

February is my birthday month, and the month of my one year anniversary with Boyfriend, and the shortest month of the year and so it should be the easiest month to force myself not to pick up a new nail polish I don’t really need or a new face mask I can do without. The possibility of makeup gifts, coupled with a bathroom full of products–good products I love and beautiful products about which I still get excited–means there is no excuse for me not to take four weeks to shop my own stash.


Buying new makeup and skincare is one of the superficial pleasures to which I look forward come payday, and I spend the weeks before researching swatches and reading reviews and generally lusting after beautiful new things but I think I’ve come to rely too heavily on it to make me happy.

A month to reset my priorities and reconnect with my other passions (I’m talking to you, Poetry!) seems like a healthy way to spend this month, which will also be filled with celebrating my life and my relationships and the people I love and whom love me.


Makeup will still be around come March.

Girl Doesn’t Shy From Shadow


2015 was The Year of the Eye Shadow Palette for me. Through some diligent sale stalking, and the generosity of my friends and family for Christmas, my Palette Wish List has been whittled down to this guy:


Give me a good enough excuse and I’ll no doubt find myself in possession of the 2016 Sephora + Pantone Watercolor Palette. I’ve heard mixed things, but I don’t own anything similar and that may be enough reason to try it out for myself.