Makeup Haul: City Color Cosmetics

Aaaaand more makeup I bought and probably shouldn’t have. Especially because I had been researching “mousse” eyeshadow (which for some reason appeals to me more than cream eyeshadow) and stumbled across the City Color Cosmetics Metallic Shadow Pots which was, when I purchased the bundle, 15 dollars for the 6-color-galaxy-themed-product described as a “mousse shadow” and LITERALLY THE NEXT DAY the set was an Ipsy Deal for 10 bucks shipped. Well, to make this unnecessary story even longer, I bought another bundle of eyeshadows called “Single Shadows” in a set of 8, also for 15 dollars, because it made sense in my mind to get over the 25 dollar free shipping threshold and pay 30 dollars for 14 shadows, rather than paying 20 dollars for 6 shadows and shipping. Girl logic. So essentially I spent 20 dollars on convenience which could have been avoided if I’d waited a single day.

If you are interested, the mousse shadow bundle is currently 12 dollars on the City Color website. The Single Shadows are no longer offered as a bundle and they are now called City Chic Eye Shadow. It also looks like they are in a new package that has a flip up lid rather than a screw off lid like the ones I bought.


I’m not typically a fan of single shadows. I prefer eyeshadow palettes because of their convenience in both space saving and color presentation. I wear makeup every day, and on week days when I am rushing to get ready for work, juggling a bunch of single shadows in my tiny bathroom is not ideal. But I wanted free shipping and these were on serious sale (they end up being $1.87 for 0.113 oz of product) and I thought, why not? I liked (some of) the shadow names–that Green/Gold/Black shifty one near the bottom is called “Aztec Warrior”–and the colors, which are a bit richer looking in real life (the photos make them look brighter than reality) and are just different enough from everything else I already own to make it okay in my mind…which we’ve already established functions on less-than-reasonable when it comes to makeup.

But these are nice, and I’ll definitely get use out of them.


And these! The whole reason for my order in the first place! They have spacey names and are (again) unlike anything else I own. And they were inexpensive. And I wanted them.


The formula is very thick and very “whipped creamy” though I don’t know if I would go so far as to call them “moussey” because of how thick they are. More like melty jello? Or, like, icecream that isn’t melting? Food analogies!


These guys are very very very long lasting. They dry fairly quickly and when they do, they aren’t budging. And they stain. I think ultimately these colors are too bright for me to wear regularly as an eyeshadow, but I’m thinking I might try to wear them as liner. Any ideas?

More soon,


Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.