Makeup Haul: Limited Edition Kiko x Lovegrove Summer Collection

Gah! The words “Limited Edition” get me every time. I need to stay away from Instagram before it destroys me and my will-power completely. But for now, I have a few items from the beautifully packaged summer collection which was designed by Ross Lovegrove and inspired by wanderlust. It is all rose gold and elegance and I recommend you get your eyeballs on it, if not your hands.




These are baked highlighting pearls (not too different it might seem from something lovely and much more expensive by Guerlain…) in the shade “Desert Moon” so I couldn’t resist. Throw in limited edition and I’m done for. I wish there was more than one shade in the collection, so I could justify owning more than one of these beauties. I haven’t used it enough to know for certain if it is compatible / comfortable with my excessively oily skin but I am happy to add this gorgeous little pot of goodness to my collection.


With these lip oils, however, I have less gushing to get on…I just cannot figure how they are worth $14 monies. They smell and taste pleasantly enough (coconut, vanilla, and grapefruit are at the top of my list of flavors ideal for lippies) but they just don’t feel like anything special on the lips. And they most certainly do not LOOK like anything on the lips. The different colors are not detectable (not even by palest wrist swatch) and the shine dissipates within a few minutes and as beautiful as they look in that packaging, the goop on the inside should count for more, no?

More soon,


Note: Pictures taken in natural light. Products purchased by Girl.