What Does it Mean When We Call Women Girls

Makeup (for me, if not for many) is intrinsic to identity. The shade of my eyeshadow or hue of my lipstick can help project the type of person I want to be on a certain day, which will most definitely be different on the morrow. Sometimes I don’t feel like the person I want to be, and makeup helps me pretend. Sometimes I’m not sure who I want to be, and putting on makeup is a small way for me to feel more in control. And of course, it is fun and silly and superficial and it usually smells nice and glitters a bit and overall remains a bright spot in my day. And maybe most importantly, it is never permanent.

Which is to say, Girl Doesn’t is, perhaps, another girl-titled trend but it also (for me, if not for many) a state of discovery, possibility, and the impermanence of self.